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Full Version: Restarting over! Helllllppp!
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Hello, I decided to add more services in my shop and am going to do mani's and pedi's again after 4 years of just doing hair. I gave up due to having a nail tech working here, but she has since moved on. Now, I am slowly stocking up on basic essentials but at a loss on what mani/pedi kits and services are worth investing in? I've looked into CND spa kits, OPI etc.....I'm also trying to decide what kind of a menu of services would be good as well? I guess my questions to everyone are. What natural nail services seem to be most popular and worth initial investment and time? mani/pedi
2.Spa mani/pedi
4.aromatherapy stones
anything else?
Also suggestions on favorite products would be a plus too! Thanks!
I use Tammy Taylor's Peach Manicure/Pedicure Products for my manicure/pedicure services. Prior TT, I was using OPI mani/pedi products. My clients prefer the classic mani/pedi services in the summer and spa mani/pedi services in the winter. I include a paraffin treatments with the spa services, which they seem to love during the cold weather.

Check out my service menu on my website. I am going to revamp my service menu and pricing for 2013. The economy has effected many people so I am trying to be mindful of that while keeping my clients happy and making money to keep my business afloat.

I hope this helps!! If you have other questions, feel free to email me anytime!
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Tammy Taylor Aroma Spa products are great too. You can usually get the kit at a great price.
Hands down, Jaime's Waterless Pedicure system!
Although a waterless pedicure sounds unappealing to me, I am intrigued why its so great. Where can I find the info on it?
Thanks so much! Will look up Tammy Taylor and your service menu! I am curious as well on dry pedicures? I have always soaked....Is it very popular?
Can I suggest you also think about adding gel polish to your service menu.
(11-01-2012, 07:13 PM)jennie Wrote: [ -> ]Although a waterless pedicure sounds unappealing to me, I am intrigued why its so great. Where can I find the info on it?

Tammy Taylor has instructions on waterless/soakless pedicures but Jaime Schrabeck teaches her procedure across the US and Canada.You can go to her website, register as a professional and see the details, step by step and her recommended products. You can also order certain products directly from the site.
Absolutely the gel manicure!
Just ordered Tammy Taylor's mani/pedi aroma line! Thanks everyone! Looking into gel polishes and again scratching my head! Too many choices!!!!
Look at the IBD Just Gel polish. PNI has it for $7.95 per bottle. I like it and it's the most cost effective when starting up.
Thanks!...Will do!
It's nice to offer a lot of choices. Just try to be frugile when purchasing so many different things. If you are the only one using them,consider which services will bring you the most revenue.