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Full Version: Removal of white lines
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How would I eradicate the white marks left on the nails after removing enhancements by way of soaking in acetone? And why does it happen. I have tried to lightly buff the nail but to no avail. Thanks in advance for your answers and suggestions
Maybe try applying some cuticle oil to the natural nail and buffing. That might work better.
Thanks much
The white marks are usually residual acrylic and acetone. Sometimes it is dryness, and occasionally it is actually a kind of "bruise". When people bang their nails, sometimes it leaves a white mark instead of a typical blueish bruise. This also happens on the toenails, especially to people who work out/jog/run.
Personally, I would keep oil away from nail plate if you are going to re apply acrylic, as oil can lead to lifting.
Do not be afraid to sand (just the white) off the nail, it flakes off...but if sanding does not work, try having them scrub with soap and a nail brush and dry the nail thorougly. The soap cleans the acetone and the water can offer some temporary rehydration.
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thanks i was wondering about this too Smile
I have success in buffing the nail. Thanks again
Big Grin great