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Full Version: can work make you sick?
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This is kind of out there..but has anyone heard of having your hands in acatone and 99% alchol give anyone health problems, by it absorbng into your body?
I have been very sick for the last five years, and has gotten to the point now it has pretty much taking over my live (digestive issues) can not eat one thing without being sick.
After having every test done and redone known to man and all negitive, i asked my specailist i it could be my work....He said he was going to find out if he could get any info on that, but i have not heard from him. So i thought i would put it out to you guys!
I have been doing nails for 22 years and i am in this stuff all day client after client. Any thoghts?????
I highly boubt that it is acetone or alcohol related. I have had respitory issues (sinus infection, bronchitis, pneumonia) from all the dust but that is all good now thanks to my dust extractor - 3 years and no respitory issues! I am a non-smoker.
Have you considered using gloves. Repeated exposure is what causes allergies. It might take a while to see a difference but its worth trying.... Good Luck..
When i read the thread title, I laughed really hard! The first thing i thought about was troubling clients. But then I read the yep...i was really ready to dive in here!!! But sorry you're having health problems, hope you get the answers you need.
I'm frustrated for your situation, but would not expect that it's work related. Digestive problems can be caused by food allergies, parasites, gastroparesis, etc. Is the Mayo Clinic an option?
Do you skip meals and wait until later in the day to eat? My partner in the salon and I did this- it would be sometimes 3-3:30 pm before we had our 1st meal. We stayed sick- lots of stomach problems. I finally learned to eat something in the morning- maybe yougut and a piece of toast, then eat about 1-2 pm for lunch. I started feeling much better. Hope you feel well soon.