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Hi everyone,
I need your help with some info. I have been using tuff enuff gels as my secondary gel line. I LOVE this gel but hate the heat spikes, i have used it also a a few people that have been sensitive to other gels and it works wonderful for them. So i went to there website to order and more then half of the photos were not there, not very good descriptions of products, no longer carry snow white powder color additive????? ( last i knew white was a very basic color that we all use). So now they are in Canada and when i went to check out it would not let me ( i am in the us) Does anyone know if they can ship to usa? Not sure that happened to T.E.N ?

I need another gel that sensitive people seem to do good with,[/color][/size][/font] any help would be great !!!!!!
Were you using their new email address? I can find white at this one.
Yes, Brenda officially seperated the U.S. from the Canandian on the web site. If you have anymore problems, contact her on FaceBook under Brenda Anderson in OK.
Sorry I have not been here in a long time. My email is
[email protected]
and my personal email is [email protected]
The US website for TEN is
The way to avoid the heat spikes is apply in thin layers and flash cure. By flash I mean literally flashing the nail in and out of the exposure to the UV light. You should only need to flash about 3 times to work through the heat spike.
I received an email from Simplicity Nail Systems. They have US and Canadian distributors . Are they affiliated with TEN gels?
No, they are not in any way affiliated with Tuff Enuff Nails. and are the only two ofiicial sites for genuine TEN products. We also have a distributor in the UK wich will be added to our sites soon.
Omg...I placed an order with simplicity nail systems! The email I stated that Barb from tuff enuff was merging with simplicity!!! I wad so excited to purchase the"new" create 2 gel bc it was thicker! They even referred to Tuff Enuff a few times! So, what's the deal?!? Is TEN merging? who did I but from?? Is it really ten gel? I bought the "connect" will that work as well as linkage?? Help!!!
(01-23-2013, 10:43 PM)celly Wrote: [ -> ]Omg...I placed an order with simplicity nail systems! The email I stated that Barb from tuff enuff was merging with simplicity!!! I wad so excited to purchase the"new" create 2 gel bc it was thicker! They even referred to Tuff Enuff a few times! So, what's the deal?!? Is TEN merging? who did I but from?? Is it really ten gel? I bought the "connect" will that work as well as linkage?? Help!!!

That is exactly what the email stated. That it was from Barb at Tuff Enuff. I was going to order than I thought I add this to the beautytech forum. Can someone shed some insight on this Simplicity Nail Systems? How can they claim to be Tuff Enuff and then not be?
Absolutely NOT ! SNS is not in any way affiliated with or will ever merge with Tuff Enuff Nails. I would trust your professional opinion to be able to tell if the 2 products are the same. Someone posted a picture of SNS and TEN gel side by side on a white piece of paper. The SNS was totally clear and then TEN had a slight color to it which is trademark for the poly gel. You can buy regular gel and thicker gels from several manufacturers for more than half the cost. I have been a nail tech for 20 years and I would not like having to question or doubt the products I use.TEN is specially made by an independent chemist and so is Linkage. I am not interested in selling a professional nail tech a cheaper product. TEN Gel and Linkage are known for their superior quality and the products that come from and are the same products they have always been.
However you may find that the US and Canada stores may have different pigments and glitters. Cherie Byklum and Chere Emery have access to some different manufacturers than I do here in the US but anything sold with the TEN name on it is high quality pigments and chemical resistant glitters so they all work well with TEN's acrylic system, Bullet Proof.
IF anyone would like to contact me directly about the confusion, PLEASE feel free to do so. I am still a working nail tech so if I can not answer please leave me a message.
Thank you all for your concern in this. I would be concerned if I bought extra thick mustard for years then all of a sudden it was a different color and runny. I like to know I am getting what I pay for !
Brenda Anderson
President/Nail Tech - Tuff Enuff Nails
Just reading this post makes it apparent to me that I MUST clarify who I, Barbara Hjerpe, am and how my relationship to Tuff Enuff Nails and Simplicity Nails System is related.

I hope by doing so that this will clarify my position, my ownership and truths to be know for exactly what they really are ~ TRUTHS. I hope that you, the reader, will have light shed upon any doubts, confusion, lies and deceit by others about myself, my company Tuff Enuff Nails and Simplicity Nail System businesses. I'm hoping from this email that these lies will now stop because enough is enough!

In 2008, 22 yrs into my career, I met a chemist and was using a product in which he had developed. I had huge success wearing it on myself and then great success on my clientele as well. I knew I had something good. I knew it was a great product for a great business development.

My cousin knew of my idea and suggested that I get in contact with a lady who did her nails, Diane MacQuoid. So I did. That same year Diane and I developed a relationship as friends and business partners and created Tuff Enuff Nails. Our business name derived from my love of rodeos. At the end of every pro rodeo in Canada all contestants wear pink to resemble breast cancer awareness and the slogan used is "are you Tough Enough to wear pink". I suggested Tuff Enuff as our name and our decision was agreed upon and Tuff Enuff Nails was born. Our acronym was TEN so how perfect was that!

Diane and I knew we had a fantastic product and from there we tweaked the development and created a fabulous idea a "one step gel system". We decided to use pigmented powders for the creation of custom colour creating. The gels extra photo initiators was no mistake. It was so the gel would cure through the heavier pigmented gel that a nail tech may create. We had many questions about our "heat spike" and still do. I continue to educate clients about the heat spike as it is completely avoidable. Our protein bonder "Linkage" soon won the hearts of many nail techs from the U.S. to Canada and across the world.

At the end of 2009 we, Diane and I, mutually decided that we would terminate our business relationship strictly because of cross border reasons as this business was a Canadian Business and remained as such, but Diane moved to Texas which now created an issue for her. We continued to work together till almost the end of 2010 sharing a website etc. (Our legal certificate of business registration can be viewed on the bottom of my website under "Business Registration".)


SimplicityNailSystem was created by Brooke Gilliam and myself. Brooke worked for Diane and I as our Director of Education at TEN. We decided in 2011 to develop a business relationship. We simply wanted to re-launch under a new name. We kept all of the same products (especially the formula), plus adding a new Gel to our line up, our Create 2. Again all our products are manufactured in the United States by the private chemist.

If you would like to try our products, we offer free samples but charge a shipping cost. I surely would love to share with you what I truly believe in and continue to believe in and love as does Brooke.

So the long and short of this post is my declaration to all of you who read this that I am TRULY selling you what we/I have always sold you and say Im selling you from the start - ORIGINAL Tuff Enuff Nails products as well as our old & new product formulations found on our joint website