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Full Version: Capping the Edge with UV Gels
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I put an overlay of Nailite soak off gel over my nails and it always lifts at the corners of some of my nails. I make sure to cap them but it's still happening. I'm using their 9w lamp and following the directions. Any other tips or tricks? Maybe they gels just aren't good on my nails? I had the same issues with IBD buff off gel. It almost look like it shrinked and there is dirt getting under them.
When you prep, apply Something Wonderful on the free edge and cure it 30 seconds. Apply the first coat super thin. Put a tiny dot of gel onto the prepped nail and scrub it in. It will look kinda rough. Cure and apply 2 more thin coats. Another thing that helps is to flash cure each nail a few seconds. Just put it in the lamp while you're picking up gel for the next nail.
Just so you know, gel DOES shrink as it cures so you need to make sure there's enough on the nail to get the job done. Make sure the f/e is buffed enough to grab hold of the gel, a rougher surface will hold it better. Pay close attention to the edges and side walls. Last but not least, freeze cure inbetween each nail if you take a while to apply. The longer you wait to cure it, the further back it goes....
Great, thanks for the tips!
Now I'm having problems getting it off. The edges will lift but then it takes forever for the rest to soak off. I tried pure acetone and CND's new shellac remover and they had to soak for 45 mins and they were still hard to get off!
Put a small line of Something wonderful , that part of the nail that you will any way shorten.
All gels shrink. Some gels shrink more than others. Gelousy shrinks less than any other gel on the market. That is just one of the reasons we get superiour results. When capping the edge there are never any worries about pulling back.