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Full Version: Who sells Erika bits
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Im trying to find a supplier that has all the Erika bits. Does Erika have a website? I cant find one anywhere. Also needing recommondations on really good efile bits. I am looking for carbide only.
Oh geez, I found it.
Just in case anybody else wants it Smile Best efiles and bits ever. I had the good fortune to visit them this summer in Ohio, got a bit of a tour and saw where all the magic happens. Great family-owned and run company, awesome product and customer service.

I have tried many bits and even bought some high priced at dental shops , these are the one I use
especially Large barrel carbide x coarse , I can remove gel in 5 min .
I agree Laura! I met Erica at the Premier Orlando show - super nice! I was looking to purchase my first e-file. I went by her booth and she gave me all the info on the new M1 Portable e-file. The pink e-file was sold out, so she offered to ship it to me after the show at the show price and include one free bit.....I got the pedicure bit, which is a must have! I absolutely LOVE this e-file! The hand piece is lightweight, it's quiet and the adjustable waste carry case is really handy. Erica even followed up with me after the show to see how I liked my e-file. Their customer service is the best!

I "third" every positive thing written above. I purchased the Micro-Pro BP Portable from Erica's as my XMAS gift to myself this past season. I love this little machine. It is with me everyday, all day. Especially love it for prepping toes. I don't think it intimidates people as much, being that it is a spiffy little compact drill that sits quietly in my lap as I do my pedicures. I think it actually impresses clients. Most clients tell me their pedis last longer because I prep their toes so well with "the little machine".

Erica and the staff are super to work with. Excellent customer service, excellent products just like Erica said they would be when I spoke with her. She's a peach...
We are so excited to have Erica come to our networking event in London, ON Canada this weekend. She is offering an efile certification class to some lucky nail techs.