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Full Version: Help help help help EMA vs MMA
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I receive a lot of business from women who have MMA on their nails. I explain to them the dangers and that they should get them removed. Over the past few years what I have been noticing is my acrylic does not mesh with the nails that are already on the client. So normally what happens is they come to me for about 3 fill ins, then get their nails removed and a new set put on. This is where my problem lies....when I remove (soak off) the old set the nails are super thin, fragile, just overall bad because of years of going to the chop shops getting their nails done. So when I put on my set of acrylics on they do not last because of the weak foundation I get lifting, breaking, popping off because of the weak nail bed. I have lost many clients because of this problem. In their minds they feel like my nails was not doing this before you why is it happening now. And instead of talking to me about the situation I never hear from them again. It's so frustrating. I have been nail tech for over 9 years and I know what I am doing. I am trying to find a solution to this issue. I am not sure where to please
the only solution imo would be to NOT do a soak off but just thin the nails down and work over the top of them. As the old nails grow out, it will be a healthier nail, more able to hold up to the enhancements.
Thanks Donna sounds like a better solution. I just hate filing it (smells so bad, lol). At first I thought it was me but I know my prep process like the back of my hand so I was trying to deduce was could have cause my clients nails to lift. From now on I will use this technique instead of what I was doing.