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Full Version: Customers at Beauty Schools
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Ive never used Clarite but wondering if it works the same with it getting clogged in the brush. With normal acrylic, if you get acrylic in the brush, it usually means you're not wiping the brush out enough between application of balls to the nail. I used to have that prob all the time with reg. acrylic til I finally read that somewhere. I also was able to soak the hardened acrylic out of the brush by suspending it in the nail liquid. Not sure if any of this would pertain to Clarite, tho......
I soaked my brush at least 3 times for 10-15 mins with it suspended and the bristle in the liquid. I'm not sure what is happening. I'm obviously messing up somewhere.
Well, if it could have been done that way, it should have worked because that would have taken care of conventional acrylic. I'm sooo glad that mess wasn't out when I went thru back in the "Dark" ages, lol. I'd definitely NOT being using really expensive brushes with that mess til you get it figured out. The $10 brushes will work fine. IMO, the SCHOOL should be able to tell you how to take of that prob.
Everyone has given you some very great advice and responses. Your situation is more common than u think, most schools stick nail students in a tiny corner of the school and hope we stay so they can collect all their money. You have to be driven and do a lot of learning on your own, and that sets you apart from the next learner.Train yourself now to go above and beyond what's required, and you'll also be training yourself for your future as a licensed professional. Trust me, you'll need it.Good luck!
About your brush: Get a ceramic dappen dish-- like Young Nails and Tammy Taylor have, a bottle of pure acetone, and a clothes pin. Fill the dish with acetone, clip the clothes pin to your brush and adjust it so that the brush soaks in the acetone without the bristles touching the sides of the dish or being bent at all.

Let it soak overnight. You might have to refill the acetone and do it a few times.

The acrylic WILL dissolve from the brush. However, the bristles may have been irrevocably damaged along the way from mechanical forces-- trying to clean the brush, wiping it forcefully, etc-- and it is possible that you will never regain the shape of the brush again.

Acetone is drying to the hair too. This is one reason why cleaning a brush in acetone is so unpopular-- but if you're facing losing the brush, why not try? After you get all the acrylic out of the brush, wash it with shampoo and conditioner, reshape it and let it air dry. Then start over, wet it with monomer, etc.

I concur with the $10 brush suggestions. Get several. It took me awhile to get the hang of using acrylic all day without gunking up my brush. For months I switched between 2 brushes. I'd have one soaking while I used the other, then switch.

School is about learning to pass the state board, not about preparing you for a real-life career. Unfortunate, but commonly true.
Another idea, I was taught that soaking your brush in monomer would remove the stuck on acrylic. I've followed that for years. Always soaked in monomer and the acrylic came off. I figure if it'll take the finish off of a table, (yes, it does!) it'll take off dried on acrylic. I've NEVER bought brush cleaner.
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