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Full Version: Have you found Groupons or livingsocial to be a postive or negative experience?
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I DESPISE LIVING SOCIAL COUPON holders. I don't care if they are the nicest people. Most people that purchase these coupons become inconsiderate coupon whores!
I cannot begin to tell you how many no shows I have had even with a confirmation call.
My Saturday's like most of us are busy and harder to book appointments.
Had a mother and daughter that not only had an appt. but I extended the coupon offer because they waited till the last day before the offer expired to call.
They had no intentions of showing up today.
I told whomever answered the phone off and got great pleasure!
Why is our time worth nothing?
Its not just these two beauties, its too many of them. I wish i could call Living Social and complain but we did get paid in advance and what are they gonna do.
Unless you are desperate to have just anyone maybe walk through the door don't do it!
"I wish i could call Living Social and complain but we did get paid in advance and what are they gonna do."

You got paid so you pretty much have nothing to say about it. Granted, you probably got paid less than you normally charge but that's the deal with those kinds of things. You're actually banking on some people not using them so you can eventually make more than the amount of services you performed. Use the time to practice, clean, or make follow up calls and THANK your regular clients for being so loyal! Consider offering them the same deal that Groupon or Living Social does if they will book their next 3 appointment with you.

Groupon and Living Social users are typically service jumpers. They're going to go wherever their service is cheapest. Most are not the kinds of people who will return and become loyal clients. You're basically giving away your services for one lump sum of money on the front end and if you don't manage it properly, you are the one who loses on the back end. (Pun sort of intended!) They usually aren't good tippers, either, so you can't even make up the difference in your service price and the Groupon price with that.

The lure of all that money up front sounds good. However, as with everything else, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is!
Groupons are BAD!!!!!!! Your discounting services to begin with- here we have to do half price. Then they get half. We are actually getting 1/4 the service price. Take away cost of products........need I say more. Then the person with the deal only comes that one time, because all the ever do is shop Groupons for deals- no loyality there. (not to mention if you are working for someone(commission), you get almost nothing. Example: Pedi is regular $40. Groupon sells it for $20- they get half= $10 for them, $10 for you- supplies(costs me about $6+ for supplies) that leaves me with about $4. Nope, never. I got into it when I went to work last year for a lady that lost her nail tech. They had sold Groupons- why the tech left. I got stuck honoring them. The owner wanted to sell more and I told her flat No. I left soon after.
I had one living social chic admit to me that the reason she purchased the deal is because she needed a pedicure and she is a "Coupon Whore". I didn't think they knew that's what i called them.
I can't use the word Hate on here so I will say again I DESPISE all online coupon deals!
Except if its a good one that I like. Even if I wasn't a nail tech I would never not show up for an appt without calling or cancelling.
Unless they are DEAD there is no good enough excuse!!!!!
My salon did a groupon a couple years ago. They said they would never do one again because they lost money, but for us techs it went fine. We got our regular commission on the services, and the groupon clients tipped the same as our regular clients. A good number of them have returned since then, and one lady in particular who I worked on as a Groupon client comes in no less than once a month.

We did have quite a few no call no shows, but they forfeited their Groupon if they did that.
Totally agree with ya Silly on the coupons deal!! It is a waste of time and money and they are not returning clients. Any time I've done a discount thing, buy this, get this, they get the special and I never see them again.

Wondering why ya do it if it has been a bad experience? Can ya take a deposit before their appt so at least you get something if they no show?
When they call to make an appointment, only have last appointments of ANY day available - this way you get to go home early if they no-show.

Keep good records and if they no-show and try to re-book, just let them know that their coupon is no longer valid due to the no-show. Or re-book them half an hour after the salon closes - just kidding.
On Gelpro's note, I also add on my gc's that if an appointment is made and I don't receive a cancellation call, the gc is void.

For people with smart phones, you can set up a special phone contact with whatever heading on it you want, my says, "NO SHOWS" . I always get a # for everyone who makes an appt., especially new people. If they no show, their # goes on the list. When they call back, it automatically shows me their status and I don't answer the call. They can leave me a message if they want, and I'll call them back. That way I can remind them they've already called me and stood me up and if they want me to do their nails, they'll have to prepay for the next appt. and $25 for the missed one.
Our groupons are still in effect through December. I am counting the days! Ugh!
I never ever discount my services because thats all you will ever have is clients wanting cheap cheap cheap. I may do a free glitter upgrade that really doesnt cost much if anything but my time and people think thats great. I loathe cheap people.
I hear ya on that one Donna! I've started doing that on my phone, too. And I have a list of over 30 telemarketers that have called me so that if they happen to use the same number I know it's them and I don't answer. Why it took me so long to figure that out, I'll never know........Wink
(10-29-2012, 11:12 PM)Luvglitter Wrote: [ -> ]I hear ya on that one Donna! I've started doing that on my phone, too. And I have a list of over 30 telemarketers that have called me so that if they happen to use the same number I know it's them and I don't answer. Why it took me so long to figure that out, I'll never know........Wink

OMG! My list for telemarkets is out the door! I put the boing ring tone on it so I know I don't even have to answer it. Then I have those that leave a message, "press 2, (9), (1, whatever) to stop receiving the calls. That contact list title is "press 2" or whatever # they say. I don't get many of them. You wouldn't believe how many clients have asked me to set their phone for them to do the same, lol!! Google Ads seems be the worst. Theirs is a press 2 message and I've done that many times, but they continue to call...Angry
I will NOT do Groupon. I rent my space. A manicurist I work with did this. She had over 100 clients buy. She was making something like $15 for a shellac manicure AND pedicure. I would tell you she maybe had 5 clients return. I am not doing this.
I recently left a salon I was working for to go back on my own. I couldnt decide what to do as a way to advertise I had moved either run an ad in the paper or run a living social ad. I ran the living social deal. I was scared.. not sure what type clients would come running into my suite. Well its been good! I have met some professional couponer's and more than likely will never come back to me. I also have retained a few ( a few more than I had before the ad) I also can write off the difference from the service as advertisement.. so it was a win win situation for me. And in my fine print I do state no shows automatically forfeit their voucher!
I am so glad that you were able to re-book some new clients.
The one good thing that happened for my boss was, out of 265 coupons sold at least 130 never called. So, my boss collected $1300 for them not using the coupon.
I think all salon type coupon deals have "fine print" stating no shows void the coupon.
I cannot understand how people can be so rude and inconsiderate to not cancel. When i called to confirm and actually spoke to some of them they obviously had no intentions of showing up even though they took my call and said ok.
As it got towards the end and i was totally fed up I changed my confirmation message. I told them in order to hold the appointment they must confirm this call.
If it wasn't for the so many no-shows and the ones that needed nights or weekends it may have been a better experience.
Good luck and enjoy all your newbies.

I vowed never to run a groupon ad......I just hired a new nail tech and she has done groupons before at another salon. She's great with upselling and said she had some success retaining clients on the groupon before (in another area, not close to here). So we are running one for her. We put a cap on the number to be sold each month. And our rep with groupon said that if someone cancels in less than 24 hours or does not show (not abiding by our regular salon cancellation policy) then I need to let her know so that they cannot put in for a refund and groupon would refuse their refund based on the cancellation policy the salon has. Our deal was supposed to have started yesterday but so far do not see it showing on the featured deal page. But I will be watching it closely to see if it has been worth it. The deal is only good with my new tech though as I am not doing groupons. I have my clientele set already.

However, we have let our regular clients know that should they want to use a groupon for our deal they need to come directly to us and not through groupon since this is for NEW/1st time clients only. We will honor it "in house" ONE time for our regular clients.
My salon did a Groupon in October for the new nail tech I just added. We sold 575! I didn't know you could set limits and I did ask about limits several times and was never told I could set a limit. We have been incredibly busy. Some clients even been upset that we have no openings. Unlike other posts here we have not had a huge number of no shows. And it has proven to be profitable for us. We are working really hard for very little but it seems to be working out. We are only about 30% the way through all of them.

Would I do it again? Maybe, ask me again in May. But this time I will set some restrictions, like no Groupons used with me, limit at 250 and no-shows forfeit their voucher.
Yes, we did it at 60 per month only with the new tech and we can change the limit at any time and stop selling at any time. We also were able to set restrictions like appointment necessary, some restrictions apply, arrive early to fill out the new client questionnaire, no show and cancellations less than 24 hours forfeits the voucher, valid for FIRST time clients only, etc. We had to do a 50% discount and we get 50% of that (so basically 25% of our retail price). They chose to do it for less than the 50% off price but they eat that difference....not us. So we'll see how this goes.