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Full Version: New Nail Video
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Just wanted to share some funky nail design ideas, so we put this video together featuring one of our customer nail techs, Cheryl.

Hope you like it Smile
Enuk, can you use these IM's with gels?
@ali23 Thanks!!

@sueefd No, IM's are exclusive to Liquid and Powder acrylics. You get all the strength advantages of acrylic along with the self leveling and super glossy finish of the gels with no buffing and no glued on plastic tips Big Grin

Here is the latest set of IM's by Cheryl, posted last night on our Facebook page, she impresses us all the time with her work Big Grin

[Image: cheryl mexico nails.jpg]
Any U.S. Distributor for this company?
(11-04-2012, 12:53 AM)Luvglitter Wrote: [ -> ]Any U.S. Distributor for this company?

We can mailorder direct to your home or salon :-)

Here's a link to our order form page: