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I get so frustrated when I apply a gel sealer over a set of P/W enhancements ,and they come out of the light with either sharp spikey things on some ,or what I call " fish eyes" ,where there are little circular bare spots. GRRR ! It doesn't happen every time ,but enough to really burn me up. I don't do stuff slap happy ,either ! Have tried many brands ,try to float it on ,not to thick ,not to thin...any thoughts or similar experiences ?
That is So frustrating! I've seen it more with the Tack-free top coats, seems like the spikey things pop up when it is applied too thick and bald spots when too thin...There sure is a fine line between those with some brands.
Glad it's not just happened to me...thanks ,Darcy ,I feel better knowing this happens ,and that someone else shares my frustration....Smile Do u usually just buff the spikes off ? I do ,and it seems to not make a huge problem with the shine....those damn craters really piss me off, though...sorry for the curse words ,just gets the point across better sometimes ,lol....Smile
Hahaha yes, sometimes the curse words work that way. Wink
When I've seen the spikey things, I do just take my file and ever so gently, run it across the very tip of the spike, no need to re apply (unless there are more...) With the bald spot, there's no choice but to buff & reapply, They are a PITA!!
I pretty much stopped using the tackless sealers because of this problem. I've also found that if there is any kind of oil (fingerprints) on the nail before you apply the tackless sealer it looks like it shrinks away from that area and if you don't catch it before you cure the nails then you'll have to buff and redo, it looks awful.

I now only ever use a sealer with an inhibition layer that you wipe off - I find they aren't as finicky.
I agree Laura, I've switched to Super Shiny completely and avoid those issues now. I'd rather take a second to wipe the inhibition layer than to have to do any buffing & reapplying. If I feel the need for a tack free top coat, LE's Top Gloss is a tack-free finish and does not do the balding & spikey thing.
Darcy, u are not talking about Super Shiney by CND are you? I would want a gel coat....
I think she's talking about LE's Super Shiny
jluper's right, It is LE's Super Shiny. Love it for many reasons, but especially the shine, no spikes & bald spots and that my many hairdresser clients do not have to worry about staining when they forget gloves with haircolor. Smile
I love LE!
Glaze n go by nsi is good ImoWink
Is the LE a brush on like a polish or applied with a gel brush?
Brush on like a polish. If you prefer the type in a pot that you brush on with a gel brush, Akzents Top Gloss is great.
LE's Super Shiny is in a bottle w/a brush, if you prefer to use your gel brush, 1-Step gel comes In a pot and also cures to a high shine (and leave an inhibition layer too). Smile
And Super Shiny does not yellow? I have a really hard time with yellowing with p& w so I gave up on gels.
Nope, haven't had any yellowing with it
Gelousy does not have any of those problems.
None of LE's products yellow.
Where can I get some of this LE Super Shiny ? Sorry about the dumb question ,Darcy ,lol....just wasn't familiar with this line ,and the only product I know w that name is a CND topcoat....oops think I spelled Shiney wrong....
So just trying to understand, Super Shiny is like a tackless sealer,meaning it serves the same purpose of adding a high gloss ,but it has an inihibition layer ,unlike tackless ? Is that the only difference ? Because if so, I have to get my hands on some ! Thanks everyone for all the feedback ! Smile
Yes Lexibunny, Super Shiny is a Fabulous finishing gel. I am not sure of your location, but you can always order direct from Light Elegance on the site or by calling HQ directly. They give Top Notch Customer service too!
Thanks Jluper, you are right on top of this thread! Smile
Thank u DARCY for the Rec on the LE ...ive asked the supply house about it and they have no clue about the LE products so never bought it.
You're welcome Lunacita! Until recently, LE is one our our industry's best kept secrets, but it is Such a fabulous product, I cannot keep quiet. Wink
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