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Full Version: I can't believe I forgot to buff the nail
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I use Gelish and had a new client today that wanted gel polish. I completely forgot the buff the nail before applying the foundation gel. I've been doing gel polish for awhile now and I have never done that before. Has anyone else ever done this? I feel horrible and I'm going to call and check with the client in several days to see how her nails are doing.
Although I do buff the clients when I use Gelish on my own nails I have never buffed them and I have never had a problem with it staying on. French lasted nearly 4 weeks.
I never buff and no problems. Don't beat yourself up.
Don't call her. If there is a problem she will call you.
You may have nothing at all to worry about. If she has a problem, she may call, but then if she was a new client, she may not. It sure wouldn't hurt to give her a call just to follow up and thank her for coming in, then casually ask how she is enjoying her manicure and reassure her that if she has any questions at all, to please give you a call. It opens up the dialogue if there are problems, shows her that you care and that you're available if there were to be any issues.
I forgot to use bonder and bondex on one hand today of my third paying client at the school. Oops, lol.
Don't stress about it, it's not the end of the worldSmile I agree with Darcy, just a quick call in a few days will tell you either way but if it comes off I wouldn't admit to forgetting, I would just put it down to new client, new product for client to live with and these things happen, you could maybe off to re-do at discount or free and put it to the client it's a intro new client offer that you re-do for discount/free if there are any problems on the first set.
I use Polish pro and I have never buffed my own nails before application although NSI recommend to do so and I only buff on a few clients now but the majority, I do not and the PP stays put with no problems.
Thanks for the replies. I did call her to check on her nails and she said she loved them. So hopefully nothing happens to them from now until her next visit.