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Sometimes a nail tech will stop using Gelousy. Then I get an e-mail like this…

I just moved. I had hoped to find a nail technician using Gelousy, the technician on your website is no longer using your Gelousy product. Against my better judgment I went to a nail technician yesterday that a friend advised and I hate the looks of these nails nor did I like the process with how they were applied and some of my nails actually hurt!
Before I call every salon, I'm hoping you have an updated list of technicians in my area. I ride horses, usually clean my own barn and stalls and your product has held up beautifully to my abuse. Maybe, after using Gelousy for 2 years my standards are too high, but I don't want to change!
Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I have no idea why they quit Gelousy. It is the strongest, most inexpensive, most durable, easiest to apply, makes clients happy, gel in the world. What should I tell this client? Could anyone give me some insight on this?
Um, because there are other good brands out there? Who knows what the person they went to used, or how skilled the tech was. A good tech can create great nails with any decent grade product if they know what they're doing.
Our snow birds can never find a decent tech in AZ and that is where Gelousy is from - go figure
Sounds like to me the person didn't like the nail tech, especially if her nails hurt after the service. Had nothing to do with the product, IMO. Oh, and I agree with what Candace said!!!!