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Full Version: I hate the new shellacs
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i dont mean to be so negative, but I really do hate the new colors. I feel like I have waited so long for this release and now I am already thinking about the next release. Dont get me wrong, I love the Shellac line, but maybe they should take a vote on colors from the people who use it!!

I hate all Shellac. I prefer Gelish. Actually I hate all SOG's they are a pain in the neck to remove.
Why do ya hate them, hun? I think they are exactly what we needed. So many combo's you can make with them. They are perfect for fall, dark, deep, rich, gorgeous colors!
Wow, hate is such a strong word Sad I agree with Luvglitter - they are the perfect palette for autumn.
The sugared spice is close to iced cappuccino and I have only had one request for that color since it came out. The purple I think is boring. I have never had a request for forest green , my nail polish this color has sat on the shelf for years. And the faux fur (I know I'm gonna get heat for this) is the color of poop!
I would have much rather seen a glitter red, eggplant purple, bronze/coppery color, nicer brown with hologram or shimmer maybe. I know my customers and for my clients, I don't think this will be a good match.
I was in my local cosmo prof today and I asked the girl working there what she thought of the new colors and she said she only liked two of them, the charcoal and the navy. Those are the same two I would have said.
I cant get anyone to use these colors at all either.
Ok, please don't be offended. I guess hate is a strong word. My mother always told me never to "hate"anyone. YOu can dislike but not hate.
SO I dislike it.
It seems to get thick in the bottle and I found the Gelish stays on better.
Everyone has there own opinion and we all like and dislike different products.
Please forgive the Hate. You are right!
They may be good colors for the season however they are nothing any of my clients will be interested in. Love the product but not the colors.
The forest green is going to be great for Christmas. There is a glitter red and a glitter gold coming out. So with those you can do a lot of great christmas nails. The sugar spice isn't as dense as iced cappuccino so it will layer with other colors better. And the blue is to die for.

And with what I call the accents, you can shimmer any of the colors, no need to have separate colors for that.

Ya know I used to think my clients wouldn't wear this or wear that. But once I started wearing the colors they started being a little more adventurous. Just because they don't ask for them doesn't mean they won't wear them. Ya have to advertise whatcha got for them to want them.
...yeah, i also think Gelish has better colors but for some reason my clients like shellac better because, i dunno why it just wears better... so, ill live with the colors they release.
The blue and charcoal are sooo pretty...yup, no one is gonna wear the green...spice is another cappucino-lame....the brown is gross...undecided about the violet, but im getting it anyways.
Just had a couple of my clients wear the green and it is gorrrrrrrrrgeous!! It is a deep, rich color. Gots to talk it up and make it sound like it is better than butter and they will try it! Trust me, I live in a very conservative part of the country, so if I can get them to wear green, ya can! Wink