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Full Version: how much do you charge to do a bridal party at home?
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How much should i charge to do a regular or french manicure and possibly a mini dry pedicure?
It could possibly be 12-15 girls and I may have help.
My personal opinion is to charge full going rate, along with a travel fee. Just because ya are doing more peeps doesn't mean ya have to give a discount. I've never understood that mindset of doing more and making less. But that is just how I roll!
I do wedding parties from time to time and always charge a flat rate based on the number of ladies and the services requested. It's the easiest thing to do. The last wedding party I did consisted of 25 people, who were in the wedding party and the bride's close friends and family. I offered simple mini services - no french and no nail art. There was another tech working (a friend of the bride) who did mini manis only. I charged a flat rate of $350 and ended up providing 14 services - 5 mini manis and 9 mini pedis. I also charged a travel fee of $25. This party was held in a hotel so I also had them cover my hotel parking.

I hope this helps. Like Luvglitter referenced, never do more work and earn less - makes no sense to me. Why sell yourself short? There's absolutely no need to discount your services. You're providing professional services for a memorable event. Just like the bride pays for professional wedding day make-up and hair, she should not have a problem paying for wedding day nail services.