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Full Version: Young Nails Courses
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Has anyone taken a course through YoungNails? If so, was it helpful and worth the $? I want take the five day course in OCT.

I've taken several of their classes and attended one of their road shows and as far as I'm concerned, it's the best money I have ever spent and worth every penny.

I've taken a few other classes other places and there is no comparison. They teach what they say they will, they provide everything and their mentors are fabulous! Can you tell I'm a fan?! LOL
I've taken their private hands-on class & it's awesome, I don't remember the price but it wasn't that much, I'm signed up for their owc in gel at the end of august, the class is $800 but seems it will be well worth the money, & it sounds a little intimidating!!! I'll let you know how it goes when I get back!! Smile
I love their products. And yes the course does seem intimidating especially for me being inexperience. Cindee, I can't wait to hear about the course! Thanks for the feedbackSmile
No problem! I'll keep you posted Smile
I do want to take their classes as well when I can afford it. Wink
I have had One-on-One with Greg Salo back in 2004
It was Fantastic. I never even tried Gels By the time I was done I was confident enough that I could do a full set of gel nail.

Last August they had a class at Pachanga Casino in Temecula Ca and I attended a 2 day class ( to brush up on my P&W's and Imaginary art) it cost $50 a day. I received a free sample size kits of their product. unbelieveable tips, techniques & Speed and You really do walk away pumped. and to top it off they gave a lunch buffet voucher for both days. that alone is $20 a day.

Last July I spent $200 on the High road to education and was disappointed in it.
all the educators were about Acrylics. I asked when will we learn embedding glitter in GEL. O thats TOMORROW ... never happened ( I paid for my own lunch, Paid for my motel room etc....

If you can believe it was the another attendee nail tech that showed me some things(Sherrie90630)

Definately put your money to good use
Go to the YN class.
I just got back into the biz and Young Nails is my product of choice. I just did a pink & white acrylic class with a local YN mentor - $50! Awesome! Can't wait for more. Wanted to go to the class in October, but cashflow is a little tight. Not so much for the class, but my lodging and travel and vacation time. (heavy sigh!)

I would love to take their class too. I wish they did classes all over the country though. Paying for the class and airfare on top of it is costly!
Sherry, thanks for the info!!! I'm looking forward to it & your comment makes me feel even better! It is a lot of money but I figure if I leave the class with awesome skills & speed I could pay anything left over from the class quickly!!
Just F.Y.I., if you can get 10 techs in your area to commit to taking a class, YN will send a mentor out to you. Call them or email them for more info.
So worth it. My business (when I had a shop) would not have been as sucessful if not for YOUNG NAILS
alright gals, got back from the class about 3 weeks ago and i can say that it is DEFINATELY worth the money! I learned fast, aweome techniques that I didn't know could be done and I've been doing nails for years! (not gels, though, & it really helped) they are very, very encouraging, supportive and really teach you how to make good quality nails in no time, doing nails is much less stressful and not as much work now, greg and the 2 mentors that helped really made sure you knew what you were doing by the end of the day, at the awards dinner one of the gifts we received was a maniQ gel toe kit that holds enough product to use to get your money back from the class ticket which I thought was a really nice idea. I don't regret it and i really suggest that you take this owc class, like i said, i've taken yn classes before but nothing this intense and helpful!! hope this helps and you make it out to Cali!! Smile
A one week course for $800. Wow.
Here, you pay $300 for one day (not YN, they charge $110 for six hours - I was commenting about other courses).
Man, I get so jealous when I see all the resources you have over there and for prices that you can manage.

We're being ripped off left, right and centre over here.
we had young nails come to our last networking and it was awesome!!! i use young nails and love it and if i could sit with greg i would pay..
I've paid different prices for different shows and it all adds up, so the $800 was a big chunk & that didn't include airline tickets and hotel the week in Cali but it was definately worth it, if there's a will there's a way!!! lol
they have a lot of you tube videos and videos on their website but it's not near as detailed as the class, like I said, the stuff I learned was amazing!!