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Okay so I know the subject has nothing to do with nails! But I once read how being in a nail salon often can cause infirtility and huge risk of misscarriage! My grandma just called me & told me she seen on tv today the exact same thing. Exposure to acatone was the biggest concern. My boyfriend & I have been trying for probally 6-7 months now, & no luck. Could this be why!!!?? Has anybody else ever heard of this!??
First I have heard of it, I would like to see the studies that support this claim.
[EDITED BY MODERATOR] acetone has never been accused of anything greater than contact dermatitis.
Thank you Sachi!
An article I found on an app in my phone on pregnancys.

A high exposure to Acetone during early weeks of pregnancy may increase the chances of miscarriage according to scientific research and studies.

Prevalent throughout a nail salon, Acetone, is found in nail polish remover at every station.Either by inhalation or through the skin and nails, a woman’s contact with Acetone can affect the nervous system of the unborn, thus leading to developmental delays in her offspring or even miscarriage.

When it comes to nail polish, one cause for concern is dibutyl phthalate. This is the main phthalate found in nail polish ingredients. It is sometimes replaced with phthalic anhydride, which also has a long list of health concerns.

In 2005, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Rochester, USA conducted experiments that concluded phthalates could, in fact, affect the reproductive health of males in utero.

The European Union has banned both phthalates and formaldehyde from use in cosmetics, including nail polish whereas these ingredients are still used in the United States.

A study conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta tested 289 adults for phthalates and found all 289 to be positive, with women of childbearing age (unfortunately) being affected the most.

Concerned about the use of acrylic nails while trying to conceive?

Methyl-methacrylate (MMA) is one of the ingredients found in acrylic nails and the United States FDA has concluded that methyl-methacrylate (MMA) does pose a health risk and may cause allergic reactions. Additionally, chemicals used to apply acrylic nails can seep into the natural nail. Some nail salons are opting for using ethyl-methacrylate (EMA) instead of MMA as it is currently considered a safer alternative to MMA.

Women who choose to continue their regular visits to the manicurist may want to consider the following.

• Request the first appointment of the day

• Select a salon with built-in ventilation system

• Do not go to the nail salon during first trimester

• Wash hands thoroughly after the visit to remove residual chemicals

• Consider wearing a mask (just like the nail technicians do!)

For those having trouble conceiving, it is wise to heed these warnings. Known toxins will not only inhibit the optimal reproductive health you are trying to obtain; but should a conception occur; the risks associated are then passed onto the unborn child.
& I was just curious if anyones ever heard of it causing infirtility issues also, thats all.

On topic... I've never heard of acetone being linked to infertility, and even for damage to the fetus I'm guessing the exposure would have to be tremendous for any damage to be caused.
Ok thank you candice Smile
Jenna.. can you give me the link to that article? I'd be curious to see who published it. Over the years many have tried to lay blame on products used in the salon. The truth is that with proper ventilation, sanitation and hygiene, along with pleanty of fresh air breaks at the concentrations of any of these chemicals, we are not at risk.

Looks like it's from here. They have no links to support their article.
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Hey... I didn't think I was out of line Tongue
Having gone through the fertility thing many years ago, when you are trying to become or are pregnant, you should always take different steps during that period of time. It would be the same way to stop alcohol, smoking or caffeine during pregnancy. You must continue to live during pregnancy, but you might have to alter what you do. I was dog grooming at the beginning of mine. I had to stop grooming cats during the first trimester for the danger of catscratch fever which could transmit to the fetus. So everything in moderation. If it means you cut back on acrylics whether you are doing them or getting them done, then you do it. Hope that helps.
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(10-22-2012, 09:02 PM)CandiceAE Wrote: [ -> ][EDITED BY MODERATOR]

Hey... I didn't think I was out of line Tongue

You wern't really.. but with the original comment removed your response was out of place is the best words for why this very tired brain can pull up tonight Smile
(10-22-2012, 09:17 PM)Melissa82 Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like it's from here. They have no links to support their article.

Well ok lets examine this article then.. with some common sense.. it is geared toward the consumer not the professional. They are no real facts figures or references to proof anywhere.. its all conjecture pulled from a few scare tactic articles that I have seen before.

Most of the suggestions make good commong sense for both the consumer & professional.. the "1st appointment of the day" ?? bah.. lets say they dont take their trash out.. can you imagine the stink that all is fermenting over night?? I once went into a real MMA shop about an hour before they opened to meet with the owner. The place STANK.. before she even talked to me she ran around turning on a bunch of air filters, air purifiers and a few fans. opened the back and front door.. it stank.. so 1st appointment of the day?? ah no thanks

I did email Doug Schoon for comment on this one

Studies in salons show that exposure to acetone vapors is well within internationally accepted safe limits and it is NOT likely that nail techs will be overexposure to this safe solvent. Acetone does NOT absorb through nails and very little can penetrate the skin. Acetone is found naturally in our bodies at low concentrations already, which strongly supports that low levels of exposure aren't harmful, as do many other evaluations and studies performed over the years. The vast majority of nail polishes don't use dibutyl phthalate any longer, and not because they are unsafe, but rather due to marketing pressures created by fear based advocacy groups who have distorted the facts in order to frighten consumers. There is no credible evidence that demonstrates that nail products cause infertility, so I wouldn't worry. There is no reason to believe than nail techs are having a more difficult time getting pregnant than the general population, so the "supposed" link to acetone or any other nail product is highly unlikely. I do agree with an earlier comment.. Salon professionals in general tend to drink and smoke more than the average public. Both are thousands of times more likely to cause reproductive issues than nail products. If you wish to become pregnant, my recommendation is to completely stop utilizing alcohol and cigarettes. I talk about all of these issues in my book "Nail Structure & Product Chemistry", Second Edition. If you're interested and want to find out more about these topics and many others, I suggest you read this book.
Doug Schoon
Just like to add one note to this fine response:
Quote:NOT likely that nail techs will be overexposure to this safe solvent
if it is unlikely we as techs will be over exposed, it is many many more times unlikely our clients will be over exposed. We are around these chemicals upwards of 40+/- hours weekly, while our clients an hour weekly or every other week.

well I am a man and this I'm sure want help but I've been doing nails for 20 years. I only do full sets and I do a set ever hour unless someone cancels out. My room is not vented out, so far I've not had any problems as with health. I breath acetone all day. I may die tomorrow but so far ok.