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Full Version: Does anyone have a Lennox pipeless Spa Chair by J&A?
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We have a Lennox spa chair by J&A and hate is not good enough!
I despise, hate ,loathe this unit!
It has sucked from day 1 and cost lots of money.
It seems to build up these freakin vacuum bubbles and therefore I cannot drain the tub. I have caught onto its odd behavior and have learned to handle it.
Now it will not drain at all.
Called the nasty customer service and he told me it is not a problem for them to service, call a plumber.
Had a plumber and he said it is not a plumbing issue.
Ok, the nasties are sending service here maybe by Monday but cannot guarantee. Do they give a rats butt that i have scheduled appointments. Of course not. The guy wasted our time and money now. Has anyone had draining issues? Please tell me what to do besides take a sledge hammer and end it!
I don't have that one but I have a Versas that has had the same problem in the past. First off, what kind of scrub do you use and does the evil thing have a drain pump that you have to switch on for it to drain?
What a great adjective to describe this tub, evil!
Ok. First i must open the drain with the dial on side. wait a second to see a bubble hit the surface. then press the drain button which is not electric but filled with air and has this whole vaccuum thing. it sometimes gets an air bubble in the unit and then you must twiddle your thumbs for the bubble to burst and then press drain again.
Have i mentioned how much i HATE this friggen thing???
The original wholesaler is out of business. Gee, i wonder why. Probably too many complaints

Oh i use qtica scrub and sometimes crystal mud but make sure it is fully dissolved
oh and the plumber told my boss to try draino. that was sure worth the fee that he charged to walk in the door and tell us its not the plumbling. i once tried pouring baking soda with vinegar. its not clogged its filled with bubbles!!!!
Beyond agrivated and nervous that i am out of work for a few days. I only do pedicures.
The problem mine had was due to the scrub I was using didn't dissolve completely and would jam the pump. My hubby (AKA McGyver) rigged up a gizmo that would blast water through the pump so it would drain. My pump is electric though. But I would think something like that would still work on yours. It's kind of like a toilet plunger that squirts water.

Let's try this.... e mail me and maybe McGyver and I can talk you thru this so you can work again.
youvegotnail at yahoo . com
Your'e a doll! We already have the nasty service people coming today.
Don't you think the plumber would have checked?
We moved a month ago and all pipes are new.This is "pipeless" which i cannot understand. I will let you know if we need hubbies help.
thanks so much!
service guy is there now. replaced the pump. This thing is not even 2 years old. Last week i also had to replace the remote control for the back massage which was over $100. A month ago i had to replace the thing that the jets squirt out of. That was also over $100.
DON'T BUY THIS PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It became a huge expense.