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Full Version: trouble with gels
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I am new at gels..starting out with far ive tried it on 3 or 4 clients & it doesnt seem to hold up as well as my lifts on.the edges even though i capped them. im doing everything the way the book & dvd tell me..what could i be doing wrong? same thing with the gel polishes...tried 2 different brands & it just diesnt hold up more than a couple days.
it's hard to say with out actually seeing the product done on some nails. Good pix will help. Top, sides, and down the barrel.

Just from what you're saying, "it doesn't hold up as well as acrylic", makes me wonder if you're not putting it on too thin. That's the biggest mistakes made by newbies to gel. Just because seems to spread better putting it on like polish, doesn't mean it's going to work that way. Polishing on gel just pulls it back off at the f/e. The finished nail should be pretty much structured just like acrylic and that means an apex is needed.
You'll need to give us more info about how you apply the product before we can give you so ideas of what went wrong.
The best advice I can give is find the best gel tech in your area and get your nails done and ask lots of questions. Ask her if she will mentor you.
Thanks guys Smile
i would try other brands...ibd never worked for me .
You should ask Nailite for samples , use medium viscosity gel for base ( like extra hard clear ) and use Thicker thick gel for building ...
After you prep the nails use nail prep and something wonderfull no acid primer .
Hope it works Wink