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Full Version: Pigments galore plus more!
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I opened up my nail salon a little over a year ago and due to health complications this summer I have had to close.

Just before getting sick I had just ordered some more gel ect. from TEN and they never even got opened...

I had many, many pigment and I have now placed them for sale in swap and shop... at a huge discount from original price Sad but I dont want them wasted so please they must go.
Smile Oh Jennifer... I am so sad to hear that you have had to close your nail salon..
I hope your health improves. (((Hugs)))



So sorry to hear about your health issues and having to close your salon. I hope it won't be forever and wishing you a recovery!!
Thank you Smile
I'm so sorry to hear this Jen - you are very talented. I hope you can one day return Smile Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Thanks Laura, I have actually been diagnosed with MS but feeling much better than I was all summer... so as much as i loved doing nails really not sure what direction I am headed in now but thats ok, I have an appointment to get my nails done tomorrow lol the first time in over 2 years i will have had someone else do them Wink