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Full Version: Hmmmm what to do??
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Ok so I am in a small town and have been the only gel tech here for the last 9 years. Well finally someone is catching on and gonna go to school to do gel nails. That's no biggie I'm comfortable with my skills and have a full clientele...the part I'm not sure how to handle is her mom works at a local salon which is where she will eventually be employed but the owner texts me (like I said small town everyone knows everyone) and says hey what kinda gel do you use? I was taken back a bit and not really sure how to reply to this... Lol. I have a mix of thoughts going on but wonder what everyone else thinks??
In my opinion, the brand of gel someone uses, does not make the tech. We see all the posts on here that proves this. Some people love certain products while others hate them and like something different. I say tell her. Perhaps the new tech will use it and do a good job, but more than likely as a beginner she will find difficulty no matter what she uses.
I've had another local tech come in and talk to me - I know where you're coming from Smile. There are only three of us here in our town, not counting the walk in shops.

What works for me: I will answer business questions and tell her what products I use, when she asks me "how" I do things, I just tell her that I don't teach how to do nails and that I highly recommend she take some continuing ed courses. That's what I did, and I've spent a lot of time and money on my education. Not sure it made her happy, but them's the breaks.
It's clear to me that the girls mother admires your work. You should be flattered! And I agree a product does not make the nail tech. I would like to compliment the mother for calling you an asking you directly. Along with that, there may come a day that you need to refer your clients out for one reason or another and if you love your clients and take good care of them it's nice to have a mutually beneficial relationship with a nail tech in your community. Oh and by the way she will be using the same product.
I would share the product information with them, it shows that you do not feel threatened and that you're a professional who is willing to network. I am in a small town too, Very small town and I wish that I had more techs to share & network with.
As you already know, it takes training, practice and time to perfect any products and techniques, plus I am sure that she will try Many products, (We've All had a good run as product junkies. lol) So it will be some time before she will be anywhere near your already proven skill-set and abilities. Smile
I'm with ~its an art~ you never know when you may need some back-up, so it would be great if she were using the same products you are using.
I agree with the other replies...i always share what brands i use. It's really no biggie. They still have to learn the product.