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Full Version: Wow! Its been a LONGGGG time! LED Recommendations?
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Hello Ladies!
I am Back!! Playing some catch up. Smile What are some recommended locations to purchase a good/high quality LED light?

Kahne Witham
Welcome back!!

Absolutely I have 2 recommendations for you..

The new Duo LED/UV Lamp fro Star
[Image: 662900.jpg]

The LED lamp from Odyssey Nail
[Image: 8702060030011.jpg]

I have heard gread feed back on both lamps.. The Duo lamp seems large in size but whe you consider it is a duo LED / UV lamp with fabulous coverage and great for toes too, it makes sense.. the Odyssey Nail lamp is smaller but a little more $$.

Wonderful!!!! Thank you Debbie Smile
Welcome back Kahne! It has been a long time!