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Full Version: shellac 'falling off"
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so i've been using shellac for over a year and have not had much issue with the product.. other than the occasional chip.. but one client, the last two applications, one or two nails have come off.. in a whole piece... i dont get it!!??

nothing has changed on her end.. and the last time she had them re-done in NYC and no issue...

it could be me but no other clients are experiencing this... can you say frustrated!!? :cry: feel at a loss... thoughts....
i dont have a clue but if you get on facebook look up connie harbour she is in dallas, texas and she is our cnd educator... ask her she could prob help you to trouble shoot that
i dont have a clue but if you get on facebook look up connie harbour she is in dallas, texas and she is our cnd educator... ask her she could prob help you to trouble shoot that i think her shop fb is cuticles dallas


Has she had a medicine changes? Is she holding her fingers flat to the light? Are you applying the product really thin? Is she going through any changes of life?

My guess would be the base coat is being applied a little thick and/or her fingers are not laying flat to the light. Even though the mirrors in the UV lamp are suppose to help, I find that if their fingers are not flat so they get direct UV light that can make them peel off. I've had that happen to one client. As soon as we figured that out we haven't had a problem since.
Hey....everyone had some good thoughts to ponder.

but I just wanted to add that I did actually have one client say that her Shellac peeled off like the next day. This girl was one of the stylists' fiances sister...and she went back to Washington the day after, but I guess she calleed back and told us what happened.

sooooo?? I dunno. I read on here all the time about ppl not like Shellac, or not getting good results with it..and Im really at a loss when i see that. Cuz up until about a week ago, thats all I was using and I always...ALWAYS get excellent results with Shellac. My clients go at least 2 weeks, if not 3 w/o any problems. Some are rougher on their hands of course...but for the most part--they hold up really well.
What I think personally is its just like when you get too many cooks in the kitchen...when you try to use a bunch of different products at the same time.
You have to get to know each product line well-- so you know the in's and out's of it. How to manipulate it correctly...what it can and cant do.
When you have so many product cant really 'master' know it like Ive explained...
I would not let this set you back about Shellac...keep on working with it, and eventually it will be like everything else youve mastered!!
It really is a good product....

HTH Smile
thanks for your replies...

no, no med changes.. fingers flat.. all the usual issues are covered... weird.. she popped in and all nine were fine.... she had the one redone... idk..

i love the shellac and have been using it for over a year so i am not shying away from it... but was frustrated.. my other clients are fine with it..

i did invest in opi.. LOVE IT!!! BUT... i have noticed that with the new gel colors.. if you put it on too thick.. there is a warming sensation... not bad at all... but maybe thats what happened with my client and the shellac..


Shellac has to go on thin. The thinner the better.


Maybe Shellac just isn't the best fit for that client now and your OPI will be better suited to her. It's nice to get different lines and see how they work, and some don't have the thickening issue Shellac tends to get after a few opening of the bottle. Not sure about OPI and the consistency. Each line is different.
Any chance in the course of chatting that you missed one in the ScrubFresh stage? I've done that!