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Full Version: Gelish nail straigthner
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Has anyone tried it yet? I'm thinking of gerting for myself to see how it works.
And, how do you use it? Can you put it on a smoothed natural nail? Or do you have to rough it up?

Any help will help.

Do you mean structure gel? I use it on some clients if their nails need a little extra strength. I use it over the base coat and under the color. I like it.
According to Doug Schoon, they are selling something, it's just not stronger nails. I was interested in this as well so I went to his site - he said that any vitamins/nutrients that are present in the product are highly likely to be encapsulated in the product itself and that it's very unlikely that any nutrients reaching the nails will do anything beneficial. Just putting on regular gel polish only provides strength while it's on. He wasn't aiming his info at Gelish, but at ALL products claiming to deliver "nutritional" or "strengthening" elements.
Im sorry, I should of specified. Its Nail & Harmony 's new Vita Gel Vitamin Enriched Soak Off Gel. There are 2. Recovery & Strengthner. These are the products I'm looking into. I haven't had time to look into it. I saw it in the Nails Magazine in the last couple of months.
Yes - those are the products I was referring to Wink sure sounds good, doesn't it? I was suspicious though, so I'm glad I looked around before buying.
Thank you. I was thinking the same thing but just wanted more info.