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Full Version: eco UV Nail Color now Double the Size - Still Only $4.95
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e c o Soak Off UV Nail Color
Seeing DOUBLE ??

ECO Soak Off UV Nail Color
Same Low Price $4.95
Twice the Size!!
  • Now in 1/4 oz. Gel Pots
  • Over 45 Exciting Colors
  • Custom Mix & Layer
  • Smooth & Easy Application
  • No Solvents
  • Soaks Off in 5 Minutes!
  • ADD $10.00 TO YOUR SERVICE = PROFIT $9.87

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  • Morning Glories Kit - 3 styles of rubber flowers and 7 varieties of confetti, glitter and dazzles
  • Tutti Frutti Kit - 10 different fimo clay pieces: White Flower, Cherries, Magenta Flower, Hibiscus, Blue Flower, Watermelon, Lime, Apple, and Lemon.
  • Crowned Jewels - 10 different styles and colors of large rhinestones.
  • Glitter Garden Kit - 5 fimo clay pieces and 5 different colors of diamond-shaped dazzles.

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Wow what a great deal. Hey are these a sale price or a new everyday price? Any word on the dual UV/LED unit and the bottle formula of Eco. I still have issues with my jars and right now they are just stationary in the sealed bin. It can't be altitude can it?
Calm down Peggy! Yes this is a GREAT deal and it is the new regular size and same low, not a special price! I am hoping to be able to offer a special deal on the new sizes, I have not got that confirmed just yet though.

Word has still not arrived on the definite release date of the dual UV/LED lamp yet either.

I am going to have to have Elaine get with you on the jars issue. I would suppose that your elevation might have some effect, but I really don't know - I don't do chemistry very well!
Yay, super nice news!, I have to try them, and place my order soon Big Grin :wink:
Thank you!.
I have been playing with the new glitters as accents and for Frenches and they are so much fun!
Well that sale could not have come at a better time for me! I must stock up!
Oh but it is not a sale! New size, same price! I hope to run a sale soon, but have not gotten the approval for what I want to do yet.