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Full Version: Gift Certificates. Who did I forget? Please read....
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I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to my GC post. Im so glad to be helping everyone out.

Unfortunately my mom had to go back into the hospital this week (she's okay for now - need more tests....<SIGH>, and things got crazy again this week.

Anyway, I have lost track of who I sent proofs to and who got their finals for printing.

I know Simply Nails sent me a message and yes, I did forget about you. I'm so sorry, working on it now.

Kristi Bell - Did I ever send you your finals for printing?

If you have emailed me and havent heard back from me, send me a messgae here. I"m still waiting on Julie M to send me her information.

Thanks for your patience!!! xo
Colleen, I would like to see pages of your record keeping book if possible, or try it out. Email me at:
[email protected]
Colleen, I'm just giving a heads up, I've not received a proof yet. I know you're dealing with your mom, so no worries......
Hi Colleen: You know I'm praying about your Mom!

I just need the final from you -- but NO rush!! Thanks again for such generosity!

Ok ...
Krisiti - sent you your final.
Donna - Sent you your proof copy.
Carrie - Simply Nails - sent you your proof copy.

Tn Nail Lady - I have all the testers I need for my book, thanks for offering though. Big Grin