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Full Version: Renting advice!! Please help!
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Hi everybody my names Jenna... Ive been doing nails for 4 years now and always have been on commission ..... I just got a new job at a salon closer to my house and its pretty nice & she is going to charge me 50$ a week for rent till nov then 100$ a week. Its in the middle of a very wealthy area. My problem is I have to go buy all my own stuff. Between products & gel led light and colors im.thinking around 1500-2000$.. Im so excited yet sooo scared. I made post cards advertising myself with specials till end of nov. I am going to hand them out every where! the last salon is about 30 min away from the new 1. I left fairly quick after I have 2 weeks they didn't want me to stay and I didn't get a chance to talk to my clients about it. I do have there addresses though to send them a post card.

If anybody has any tips or advice for me to succeed please give me your thoughts!! Im very determined and want to make a killing bc I know im good at what I do!!! Smile thank you!!!!!
It's so hard to get started since you have to pay for everything, believe me, I know! Check out OPI's LED lamp. I got mine for $270 and I love it. It cures all the sogs. Check for great prices sogs plus Nailite. Their Monday sales are very good. has the Rapidcure UV lights for $50 each. They work great.