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Full Version: Do you ever wish you would get no-showed?
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I was supposed to take the day off, but came in for a new client who wants a full set and a specialty pedicure, now I'm here hoping she no-shows me so I can go home and read a book while snuggling with my dogs!
Hahaha! Yes, totally. And it never happens when I want it to. Only when it's already a painfully slow day.
Yep, didn't happen today, but she was fun so that's ok and I'm still off early for the weekend. Smile
Of course, hun, but we gots to make money, don't we?? Wink
There are a few clients that suck the life out of you ,I dont mind when they no show ,but that seldom happens....
LOL i wish every day for no shows!!! I'm so booked back to back its the only way i get a break. seldom happens for me too though.

One good thing for me is that bc i don't take new clients, i very rarely have to get to know somebody new which is what I really dread sometimes. My clients have all been with me so long its always easy conversation Smile
Taking on a new client that you don't know (friend of a current client etc) is one of those things I dread. Last time I took one of those on the books - yup she no-showed. Now - when my PIA/Good Mood Sucker client is on the books.... she comes in for sure. Ugh.
just do groupons or living social and you will get lots of no shows!
I hate groupons! I had one come in for a mani and pedi. She gets in the pedi chair and we are making conversation, etc. I am doing the grooming portion and I am working back and forth (tell me if I am wrong to think that a pedi is supposed to be a relaxing, enjoyable experience). She asks me if I am finished with one foot and I said no. She grabs the pusher out of my hand and starts digging into her cuticles and telling me I have to be really rough. I (along with another tech and a couple of hairdressers were horrified) went back to grooming her foot (a little harder). She stops me, pulls her foot out of the water and says "this isn't going to work, I have to have someone way rougher". She dries her feet, puts her shoes on, gives me a tip and a hug and says "it's not you" and leaves........buh bye.....freak.
Wow! Personally, I would have stopped the service as soon as she touched my tools! Crazy.
(10-23-2012, 12:30 AM)CandiceAE Wrote: [ -> ]Wow! Personally, I would have stopped the service as soon as she touched my tools! Crazy.

Wow, me too!
Would she do the same to a dental hygienist? I think not!
I would've said that, I have a license for what I do AND although you paid for this service at a discount, you do not touch my tools. If you want your service differently then by all means, do so at home and don't waste my time! buh bye!
(10-21-2012, 10:53 PM)sillysoup Wrote: [ -> ]just do groupons or living social and you will get lots of no shows!

The groupon sales guy keeps calling me and won't take NO for an answer. Sheesh - I've said NO to him four times in the last three months.
I should have stopped the service, but I guess I was in shock! Needless to say, they marked the computer....I WON'T see that one again!
Whenever I go into work not feeling well, I silently be hoping the whole day is a no show.