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Full Version: Has anyone used the new led/uv lamp ?
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I know it's fairly new but wondered what the reviews were on them by any one who's used this lamp combo, thanks!
Which one? I have the Star Duo Lamp here and have used it a few times.. buttons are easy to use and its a nice lamp.. a little large but absolutely accomodates feet with the bottom slid out (that just looks spelled wrong.. )

[Image: 662900.jpg]
Yes, that's it the one by star. I don't do gel polish on toes, so it's large huh..well i usually have two uv lamps on my table so it's got to be better than that. How long have you been using it and do you have any issues, it sure is a great price, thanks Deb!
As you may realize, I dont do nails any more.. I do my own.. usually, this last round I had a wedding and another event in the same week so I let Maureen do a stunning fade that matched my outfit and my toes also.. I have not heard any complaints about the lamp.. every comment has been favorable so far.. Big is relative Smile I'll take a tape measure to it.. hang one minute...

across the front at the widest is 11.75inches
the back is rounded so its hard to measure but I'd put it at 4-6"
deep its 11" from the front edge of the slide out tray to the very back
total height is just under 5"

I'm thinking if I no longer needed that polish rack on my table I would absolutely have room for 2 of these.. I was always a minimalist on my table.. only what was needed for that portion of the service.

Thanks so much for all that info!!!


I would love to know what people's experiences are with light.
Can anyone confirm how ibd works in this light? both the polish and the new led cured hard gels. thanks


(02-04-2013, 06:46 PM)KsNails Wrote: [ -> ]Can anyone confirm how ibd works in this light? both the polish and the new led cured hard gels. thanks

This is exactly what I'd like to know because I use IBD JustGels and EzFlow trugels. I'm also getting gelish base and top and wanted to make sure that cured well in it.