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Full Version: Status Nails
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I have googled Status Nails because its a new fad of course....It is when just the index fingers on each hand is a different color or design than all others and of what I have been told....different colors mean different things? I cannot find out what different colors mean. Does anyone know what colors mean what? Have to keep up with the FADS!!!

I've heard of "statement" nails done on the ring finger....nothing about the index finger, tho.
Used to be the thumb, now it's the ring finger. I like to call it the "party nail"
It's funny how different things are from state to state. Our clients have asked for an "accent" manicure here, which is what Donna is calling a "statement" manicure. I haven't heard of a status manicure but it will most likely be called something different here.
We call them accent nails here - ring fingers. But I've not heard of different colours meaning different things - yet Wink
I thought that was ombre nails.
(10-11-2012, 11:33 PM)sueefd Wrote: [ -> ]I thought that was ombre nails.

No - Google it and you'll see what they are but here's something to get you started.