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Full Version: Soak before gel toes
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Do you soak your clients feet before applying gel toes? Or do you just sanitize? It seems that the added moisture would not be good but....
No longer than 5mins, then they both come out and only go back in to rinse off scrub. You're correct: too long and the toenails will absorb water and the product wear can be affected.
I never soak before
I don't soak or sanitize beforehand - I remove old product, apply new, then soak. I wear gloves during all services, so I'm not worried about touching less than pristine tootsies. If someone has been walking the beach and has particularly grubby feet I will just grab a hot towel from the warmer and wipe them down first but that's rarely an issue.
Same here - I cut, file, do cuticle work, then apply gel polish. When that's done then I soak, work on calluses if needed, scrub and massage. I know many techs who do soak first and have no issues, but this is what works for me.