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Full Version: MMA or not?
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I was doin a new client last week. She had moved from another state on the east coast. I was filing down her acrylic and there was the typical acrylic smell but it was sweeter. Almost like a sweet, sick smell. Bout made me gag! Is that MMA or are there scented monomers out there? Just thought it was weird. Yuuuuuck!
Chances are it was MMA.. MMA has an odor when filed after it is cured.. some say it smells like cat pee

Thank ya for replying. It had a sweet smell, not like cat pee. Guess no one else knows. Oh well, was just biggie!
I heard it smelled kind of fruity.... But not in a good way
I agree with Deb, it could be there's an additive in to try and cover the smell.
Fruity smell
Thank ya ladies. Great to have some feedback. Felt it was a funny thing for sure!
Was it really hard to file? Or not so bad?
(10-14-2012, 09:12 AM)scratchmyback Wrote: [ -> ]Was it really hard to file? Or not so bad?

Great question, hun! Did a fill on her and it wasn't too bad to file. So that made me wonder if it was MMA or not since it wasn't, but the smell sure was typical monomer odor but sweet which I had seen some on here comment about in the past. Confusing!