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Full Version: Salon Demographics
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Im currently researching demographics for opening a new salon. I am curious of what things you have looked at when you decided on your location. Thanks much!
I've primarily stayed in the same area since I started doing nails 22yrs ago... its the town that borders my own town, only 8 miles away from my home. I find that clients really don't like to change locations if it is far from where they're used to going! In any case, The first salon I started at was in one of the most prominent towns in my state, and centrally located. It was a good choice bc I've always done very well, even with the invasion of discount salons in the 90's it has never effected my business. You want to work in an area where people prefer and will be able to afford high end services and lets face it, we're all in it to make $$ Smile

When I opened my current salon, I found it on a very busy main road, centrally located between both of the major highways tht run through my state. it is also near a popular outdoor shopping center. Highway accessibly is so important! Also, we have ample parking and we are on the ground level, so it is handicap accessible.

I got really lucky actually, it was already a salon so we had minimal construction work.