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Full Version: Shimmer gel polish
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Im looking for some new silver or gold shimmer gel polishes like Shellac has. Just tired of those particular glitter and want a little more variety. I think I have one gelish glitter but its a so so shimmer. Doesnt look like OPI has one yet. Any ideas?
Why not make your own? Get transparent glitter, any color, and mix your own. I have serveral different ones that look white in the container but when you apply them, all you see is the sparkle. I have it in gold, blue, purple and green. IMO, you don't need to add them to the sog, use a small brush and lightly dust the glitter over the gel, then burnish it down it your finger or you can use the center of a nail form. Stick it to your finger and 'polish' the glitter down flat. That way when you add the top coat, it's less likely to stick up. If it does, wipe the sticky layer off, lightly file the surface with a sponge buffer and reapply top gloss.
I do, do a lot of glitter shellac, but just wanted some top coat alternatives for those that dont like a ton of glitter.
Akzentz has two new Luxio sparkles colors, one is Stardust(silvery sparkle) and the other is Goddess( goldish sparkle) they are GORGEOUS. I use them over any other colors for sparkle, I fade them on the tips for a little quick design, or two coats as a color on their own.

Luxio also has 4 shimmer Gloss colors, Silver effects, gold effects, pink effects, & purple effects. These are great bc they add a little shimmer effect as well as your gloss in one step. Perfect for people who just want a hint of shimmer.

For people who want a lot of glitter, i use a piece of the wax paper from my form roll, i put 2 drops of Luxio Gloss & mix a small scoop of glitter . Its so quick & easy to mix it!

Gelish Aurora EFX is a collection from HNH Gelish that adds ultra fine glitter/shimmer in various colors.