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Full Version: My First TRY with OPI......(ha, ha, ha I made a rhyme)
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Here was my experience yesterday with OPI Gelcolor. I would love to hear any thoughts or advice on my issues. THANKS!!!! Kelly* Big Grin

#1 I noticed the BASE coat dried completely, unlike Shellac and Gelish, which I always use a dry gel brush after curing the base. Is this normal?

#2 I also used a dark color and it seemed to pool at the cuticle and it also seemed to be thinner around the edges and cuticle area. You could see through it. I didn't have time to do a third coat because I'm using my CND light. I want the OPI light but my boss can't spend the money right now.

#3 I did a french and I didn't like the white as much as I do the Shellac white, it didn't seem as white and it was thinner, but I will try it again.

#4 When I use Shellc over acrylics I never use a base coat but after I did the OPI yesterday I realized they say to use the base coat even with acrylics. Now I'm wondering if her nails will not hold up????