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Full Version: New task chair for manicurist
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I am looking for a new chair for my station. I have tried several & they all tend to be good for a short while & then my upper back muscles start bothering me again. I have ordered the wrist assist for nail techs. Not in yet, so I cant give any advice on that but was hoping someone would know of a chair that is really exceptional for our line of work.
I really like the chairs with saddle seats. I had almost no back issues when I worked at a spa that had them.
I use a chair with the saddle too
I use a kneeling chair. Never have problems with back as it helps me keep my back straight by nature of the whole body position it puts you in.
Is it what you are looking for?

You can adjust height (19" - 27"), backrest, tilt, recline.

[Image: tech-chair-black.jpg]
I've found that since I've been exercising, my back is 100% better. An exercise physio-therapist suggested I "isolate my rhomboids" and strengthen them, I could solve my problem. I went to my local gym, talked to a trainer and got some exercises on the weight machines to do.

Surprise! That has done the trick! We sit with our head in a downward tilted position and most times our backs are not strong enough to support the weight of our head pulling on our back muscles.

Just because we sit all day doesn't mean we can neglect our fitness.