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Full Version: Renting space
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Hi all,

I'm in the process of renting space to pursue my nail career. I met with the lady today and was sent home to do a bit of homework. She has a very busy home based salon and is interested in having me rent space. I have never rented space before and she has never had anyone rent space at her shop. She asked me to come up with a price and we will go from there. She is also very open and flexible, but like I said we both have never done this before.

So I guess my question to you all is, what would be a good starting point for those of you who have been in this situation and or have rented space currently or previously. My space would only really consist of where my desk would be, as her space is limited. Any tips or suggestions???

Thank you Smile
Where are you located? Some areas are much higher than other areas. I am in a smaller mountain town that likes to call itself a resort community. I pay $80 per week
I am on Vancouver island, bc. I am only going to be starting part time as I have a position with the health authority here which I get benefits etc, and with 4 kiddies its a necessity lol Wink
I would say just call around to some salons and ask what thier part time booth rental rate is. That should give you an idea of where to start
i charge my nail techs $150 per week. This includes a full time receptionist and a central vac system for dust removal. I think it will depend on the amenities, location etc
Gina - you must have been a baby when you started doing nails! ; )
(10-08-2012, 03:31 AM)Sherrie90630 Wrote: [ -> ]Gina - you must have been a baby when you started doing nails! ; )

yeah I was just 7 years old when I started. JK!

LOL I went to school for nails right after high school graduation when i was 18... been doing nails full time ever since & still loving it! i just celebrated my big 40!! ugh
Another thing to consider is space. Each nail tech has to have so much space per person. In NE its 50 sq ft per person. Im not sure how much they enforce it but you also dont want to be stacked on eachother. I have a tiny room and rent it for $200 a month in a busy salon which is really cheap here. I used to pay $100 a week and wasnt busy.