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Full Version: Step by Step on Engraving with Colored Gels
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Hi everyone,

I wanted to share something fun you can do with your soak off gels, or traditional gels. It's called engraving. It's been very popular in the salon and it's fairly quick and easy to do. Hope you like it!

Start by prepping the natural nail and applying your base coat. Then apply one thin coat of white. This is so I can apply a neon fade and get a strong color in one coat. Cure as suggested
[Image: IMG_1392.jpg]

Apply your color fade. I recommend using a combination of cream and shimmers for texture and depth. Cure for the recommended time. After you cure, take a dry brush and wipe some of the disperision layer off the gel. This will make the next step easier.
[Image: IMG_1394.jpg]

Apply a thin coat of a dark color, in this case I used Gelish's new 'Cocktail Party Drama'. Before curing, use a gel striper and dotting tools to create lines of different thicknesses, revealing the colors underneath. Make sure the color coat is not too thick. This way your design will stay sharp as you work on all five fingers
[Image: IMG_1397.jpg]

Once you are happy with your design, cure and finish as recommened.
[Image: IMG_1400.jpg]

By the way, this is also a great way to change your free edge on design nails or permanent french without having to backfill them.