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Full Version: was thinking of trying tammy taylor peach spa kit
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Tammy Taylor has a peach spa kit. Someone here mentioned it.
I need new add-on's for pedicures and wanted something with a nice strong aroma
Besides the peach soak they also have peach therapeutic crystals.
You can use the crystals as a soak and add to massage oil for an exfoliant.
Any opinions?
If ya looking for something yummy smelling check out Qtica. They have a wide variety of scents and their products come in sugar scrubs, shower gel and lotions. Their sample kits make great gifts to sell at Christmas.
I have been using the scrub for years, thanks! wanted to try something new.
Love the TT peach. Not only is it Tammy's signature scent but I use it as mine also. The peach cuticle oil is wonderful. The lotion is great- absorbs and doesn't leave a sticky or greasy feel- only softness. The item I am least fond of is the the scrub- I don't like the way pumice feels in any scrub. I would rather use the crystals with oil as you mentioned. The crystals make a wonderful soak also. I also use the Aroma Spa products- they feel coll in summer and warm in winter- contains rose hips, cloves, and eucyliptus( spelled wrong).
Tn Nail Lady,
Thanks for your response.
Do you use the aroma spa products AKA Dead Sea Pavillion?
I had a feeling the scrub wasn't the greatest. It comes out of a tube. I looooove Qtica sugar scrub and nothing has ever came close yet.
Its just that a whole line looks more impressive but too bad. I think i will just order everything separate.
Business just came to a halt as of this coming week.
It was so busy that i have been going for physical therapy for tennis elbow.
Now I will have time to heel.
This is such a tough business.
I am talking about the TT Aroma Spa products.
oh, thats funny. I used to order form a company and that was the name of one of the products.
I already had an add-on that has a cool feeling.
I use the CND line for that one. I love the cooling spearmint +6scented mask. It smells delicious.