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Full Version: Head Manicurist Pay
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Hi Ladies!

I just started at a new salon where I have been helping them setup their manicure and pedicure services. I will also be training other manicurists coming in. I am in NYC, currently earning an hourly wage. I checked the Bureau of Labor Statistics median pay which is $9.45/hr. I make $10/hr. I have only been working 2 weeks, the salon has been open for 4 weeks. Am I justified in asking for a raise? Or should I just take a step back? I would love to be the head manicurist and think I would do great but since the salon just opened, I'm not sure that's possible. What do you think?
Never hurts to ask. Make sure they notice you are the best
What do they charge for a manicure? pedicure?
If they are charging $25 for a pedicure than you are making 40% plus tips.
Honestly, i have heard that the going rate for hourly is $10 an hour.
If you become real busy steadily than you should ask for a raise.
You just started and need to see where this goes first. Once you build a clientele than you can negotiate.
I just think 2 weeks is too soon.
Good luck!

A mani is $15, pedi $35, gel mani $35, gel pedi is $50.

Some tips are on credit card so I lose a lot of it through taxes.
All tips are taxed . . .

if you're making only $10/hr in a leadership role, what are the other manicurists making?
The other manicurists are making the same. The stylists make $8/hr but easily make two or three times what we do in tips. And keep in mind I am in NYC so even at full time it's difficult to make a living off $10/hr.

I'm setting up their pedicures from scratch. It was clearly added as an afterthought to the salon and an owner admitted it to me!
Hi! Are they still hiring? I am at a salon doing alternate weekends (all I can do right now) but they are not busy so we're not making much. I feel bad looking for another place already but...