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Full Version: Coloured Gels
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Do you prefer to buy them or make your own??

Thanks Smile
Buy them. Making your own is fine for special occasions but you need to make sure you have enough mixed to do the complete job and if you did a custom color, you have to make enough so that if the client breaks a nail you can repair it because you WILL NOT be able to match it exactly again. I make enough for the first time and one fill. If you do custom, then you need to store the color. I do this using small plastic cups that fit inside old tip boxes.
There's so many sog's out now, imo there's no reason to mix that much anymore. Plus it saves time to use premixed. Pull out the pigments and the client's eyes light up, and they start changing their mind about what they want. It's nice to be able to offer it but I think it can slow your time down so charge accordingly.
Great point Donna! Thank you