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Full Version: "powder gel"
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Hello ladies ,
I would like to know if the "powder gel" has a odor to it like acrylic does and if not what are some good brands ?
Powder gel ls still liquid monomer and powder polymer.
Are you referring to the powder used with a wrap system?

But when I got my nails done for the first time, I asked for gels and they gave me L&P and called it gel. =/
Yep, powder gel is just acrylic by a different name. What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as... um, bad. Sorry, I couldn't resist mis-quoting Romeo & Juliet. Smile
Thank you ladies, i have a client that was convinced it was gel and has been wearing it every since and now she wants to give me a try and she wont listen to me when i try to educate her about gel and the difference in powder, so i give up and will just try to give her what she wants .
L & p creates a gel consistency. That is all. Do you have gel to show her? Gel must be cured. There is no way gel sets or dries.

If she wants l&p then yep that's what she gets. She also can have a gel brush on top coat but again it must be cured.

It is important to educate clients not argue. You should still use the correct terminology etc.
Powder gel could be just that.. gel - true gel - hard, soak off, gel polish - with powder sprinkled on for a little extra strength.. I do this to my own nails to preserve a crack. Le Chat makes a Gel Polish system, as does Star Nail and several other brands.. A "powder gel" system should have no odor.. gel has no odor (altho there are fumes that still need to be vented from your space) and of course the acrylic powder has no smell to it either.

hope that helps!
Thank you so much, im familiar with le chat but have never used it b 4, that answered my question precisely , thank u again.