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Full Version: Suggestions for nail forms
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I have been doing a lot of sculptured gel nails and I love doing them but haven't found a form that doesn't drive me crazy. I have bought two different sticker forms from the local nail supply place but they just don't seem to stick enough. Most of the time they pop open while under the light and shift a bit. Does anyone have a favorite form they would recommend?

Thanks so much!
You can take the oval piece that you pop out and use it to stick the forms together on the bottom so they don't come apart. Use it like a piece of tape Smile
I actually really like the gold generic ones that have been out forever, they seem to stick very well for me Smile
Try Tammy Taylor. There are 3 different shapes to better fit the nail- gold are rounded, black is for a flatter or square nail, and white is for an oval nail. So much easier to use.
I agree with Nail Lady. I use the Tammy Taylor Competitive Edge Double Thick. The three different varieties offer the perfect fit. Many of my clients require a mix of all three when doing a full set.
Thank you so much for the suggestions. I never thought about using the oval piece. That just might do it. If not, I will definately try the Tammy Taylor ones.
Don't order the cheap ones from preimiernailssource. They don't stick well
Akzentz Pro Tab forms are awesome, they never ever pop open, very easy to use and there is a little tab that you can fold over to prevent them from opening. I apply all ten forms at once when sculpting a full set and I've never had one pop open.
My cousin swears by Akzents forms. Anyone has any input on LE's forms? I have to place an order through them and if I can get my forms from the same place that would be better
I've tried several different forms and really like the ones from Odessey. They're very sticky, don't pop open and I love how easy they are to use. I wonder if you could call a few companies and see if they could send you 2 or 3 forms to try before you buy an entire roll?
That would be nice since I already have 3 rolls of forms I don't like
Great idea.... just email your info & address to [email protected] and I'll be happy to send out samples to anybody who might be interested!