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Full Version: Nailite or Gelousy
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Just wondering your thought and opinions on these gel lines? They both seem reasonable and have lots of different colour options. I'm hoping those of you that currently use or have previously used these lines can share a bit about your experience with them Smile thank you!!
I use the Gelousy 1-Step to make my SOGs. It wears wonderfully, soaks off in about 7 minutes and application is easy. I mix pigments into the gel and it mixes perfectly. Their customer support is great, too. I don't use their other gel lines so I don't know about those.
I use Nailite's gels also. The Stylus and ExtraHard are the ones I use the most. Sometimes I use the Thicker Thick for building. For rockstar toes the Gentle Gel is great. I love the Gentle Gloss, too. Absolutly the best customer support on the planet. And you sure can't beat the price!
One thing about both Nailite's gels and the One-Step is you can absolutely cure them in a single bulb 9watt lamp. Handy for pedis and if you do housecalls.
Thanks!! To make your SOG do you just mix pigment with it, and where do you find is the best place to get it? Both companies seem to offer great products. Can you sculpt with nailites stylus gel??
Yes, you can sculpt with the Stylus, but I usually use the ExtraHard if I need to sculpt over a form. It's a bit more rigid than the Stylus.
To make the SOGs, I put enough of the 1-Step on a tile or in a pot, and add the pigment powder a bit at a time. You don't want to add too much pigment to the gel because you won't get a good cure. Mix it to where it's still translucent in one coat, then add more thin coats as needed to get the density of color you want.
Most of the pigments I get from Coastal Scents, but I also use the ones that TEN sells (their Pure Red is great). Michaels and HobbyLobby also sell pigments from PearlEx. Pricewise, though, you can't beat Coastal. Just a $1 sample is enough to last you forever.
Great!!! Have you tried the thick gel by nailite for sculpting on a form? When I was watching a video on the jealousy line he did a demo first with a tip, I was a bit surprised. Do you ever use tips??
I use the Thicker Thick if I need to build arches on really flat nails or to replace a broken corner without a form.
I rarely use tips anymore. I'm just more comfortable with forms. I feel like they're stronger and look so much more natural.
I love Gelousy, been using it for years. I sculpt with it.
I never tried Gelousy but I love Nailite Smile
you'vegotnail , what pigments did you buy from the Coastal Scents ?
Thank you Smile
These are the ones. I just buy the sample size and there's enough in each to make 4-5 oz of colored gel. They're all cosmetic grade, obviously.

I just ordered from TKBTrading. They have larger samples and shipping is way less. Smile
Thank you Smile
Nailite!! Hands Down!! Absolutely!! 100% Can ya tell I like Nailite's gel. Can't beat the price and they have a great gel line. Call and see if they will send ya samples.
I think I will do that luvglitter! I was just watching some tutorials with Amore gel and they have a sculpting self levelling gel I wonder if nailite does too?? Any idea? I'm not really familiar with nailites gels.
Gelousy, Chemist on staff that you can talk to, extension 102. $1.32 per application. 100% money back guarantee.

ZERO Videos on YouTube... Why would we want to train the public?
If you call Nailite and ask about samples of their gel line they will connect you with a Rep (can't remember her name) who is great at explaining the different gels and how they perform, she will send you some samples so you can try them out.
I have used both lines, and I only use Nailite now, I love it, stylus, and extra hard. I had issues in Canada with the distributor of Gelousy, and I did not like their natural gel, I still use their onestep. very rarely and when it runs out I am sticking with just gel polish, eco gel star nails. Nailite for me has no lifting and high shine after removing the sticky layer.
Gelousy... I like their base coat, I do that thing sellers hate and use it with other gels, really works for some clients

just started using Nailite Hard gel... impressed buy the easy of use and adhesion
Nice people too, professional and responsible
maybe the IBN nail gel polish could meet your requirements. especially one set for base coat+top coat+color nail polish is popular for the ladies who love to do the nails by theirselves at home.
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