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Full Version: ColorPops - Do yours break easily?
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I was going to work on some nail art, and as I was working on a ColorPop it just broke off at the juncture where the nail meets the post.

I didn't want to invest a lot of time in doing a bunch of samples if the ColorPops are going to break easily from me or clients handling them. Clients seem to break the colors off of our color wheels quite frequently, and I was looking for something more durable for some nail art.

Any suggestions? So far the color swatches from Light Elegance seem to work out the best for me, but I was open to trying out the ColorPops that I had picked up at one of the beauty shows.
I haven't tried the actual Color Pops but I did find the same thing on eBay. Mine have held up nicely. They are very enexpensive and was free shipping coming out of China. I paid less than $5 and received them in just over a week.
Some are more delicate than others.. If your peeps are snapping off the tips on a color wheel, then you really need to tell them to calm their jets! They are really (imho) being a wee too rough on such things. if they snap off on color wheels, then the color pops they will almost definitely do the same with..

I have color sticks in the NailTech Shoppe, very reasonably priced with 1st class shipping it wont break your wallet to give them a test with your apparently gorilla clients Smile
The OPI ones are pretty sturdy. You get 24 in one pack, and it comes in an orange box. I can't remember if I got them from Salon Centric or Cosmoprof. They come on a chain like a light switch which mainly just gets tangled around it, but you can take it off.