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Full Version: Pin versus ram
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Anyone have any experience with either of these brands of electric files? I'm virtually starting from scratch again so I'm trying to keep my costs to a minimum. Are there any other brands (not high end) that you would recommend??

Thanks again
Oh! I just went through what you're doing now! I got this one and I love it!
Thank you! Ins looking at that one as well, but I'm curious as to what the hand piece looks like, how big it is etc. in the picture you can't really tell.
What is your email? I can send a picture of it
[email protected]

Thanks kindly, it very appreciated
No worries. Pics on the way!
I have the RAM RPM Combo with the Ergo Slim Handoiece and absolutely love it! Best of both worlds with a tabletop unit and a rechargeable battery unit.