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Full Version: Time to hit the ground running!
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Well, I took my State Board exam on Thursday and passed. I was nervous all day because there was a small part of me that thought almost 10 years out of the industry, there was no way I was going to pull it off! LOL! I felt fine all through my practical until the very end. For some reason my hands started shaking SO BAD! During the polish portion of all things! Ever try to polish a mannequin hand with both hands shaking violently? With RED polish of all colors? Not so easy! Hahaaa!

Then on Friday I headed up to the Bay Area and went to Nailpro Sacramento on Sunday. I had a blast hanging out with my cousin who flew out from PA to go with me and met some very nice people and got some awesome education! I am dying to get back to work! Now I guess I should find a salon to work at... Where to start?
Congratulations!! How was the show? I wanted to go but couldn't make it up there.
It was very cool. My favorite part was the 2 classes I took. Met lots of nice people and learned a lot!
I have a job! I start Tuesday! I'm so excited!