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Full Version: W.T.A.C. FOR DUST
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Does anyone else out there have one of the WORK TOP AIR CLEANERS? I have had mine for many year and love it, but it has kind of quit working and I am so bummed.. if anyone has one the don't like or didn't like please let me know..mine probably needs a new motor but not even sure who to go to for that.. any suggestions.. I am heart broken.. bought a sunlower in Vegas, but it does no compare at all... with the sunflower I have to dust after each client, who has time for that? Huh
I am so sorry. I know how it feels to live something and have it break down. Can you call the manufacture? Or google it? I am with you on the sunflower. That was/is disappointing.
I called the company today.. they still send out the filters for it, but no longer make it..its a shame it is the best dust sucker (lol) out there! I am very disappointed in the sunflower!!!
OMG!! I got it working again....clipper oil.. must of been really dry, now it works perfectly...that you God!!!
So happy for you!