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Full Version: Cost of doing business
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I thought I have seen a post before, but cannot find it, I'd like guidance on how to truly identify the real cost of doing business. I work from home. Hot sure how to best calculate these costs. Also, how can I identify the cost of gel product per client. Waiting to open a new bottle, then seeing how many clients are don't before I open the next is one thought, but I use multiple products. Is there a formula?
Here are two recent threads where I explained how I calculate service costs:

I do have a spreadsheet that I can send you if you use Excel - it has my formulas in it to calculate costs and also the average uses for the products I use (based on what the manufacturer's told me). You can call the manufacturer for each product and they can tell you the average uses for each bottle.
Candice. I would love that too. Wow how very very generous of you.
[email protected]
Oh my goodness, yes please. Thank you.
Heya Hun, most companies have on their website the cost breakdown for using their services. Such as, CND has a cost breakdown for using their Shellac.

Hope that helps ya, too!


I would love a copy of the spreadsheet! @ gmail . Com
If anyone wants the spreadsheet please email me directly at [email protected] so I can just reply with the attachment - typing in a bunch of broken emails is a pain! Then later if there are any questions on how to use it maybe we can just have a thread on here for everyone to see. Last time I shared the spreadsheet there was a lot of back and forth, so maybe that would be easier. I am out of town visiting family but can respond tonight or tomorrow.