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Full Version: Dry Heat Sterilizers and Disinfection Guidelines in NY
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I've got another question for you ladies. Does anyone use a dry heat sterilizer? We are getting one in my new salon. The owners didn't like the autoclave. The company told them buffers, files, and orangewood sticks can go in there as well. I thought any heat sterilizers were for metal implements only?? Either way, I'm almost certain New York state considers those single use items. Plus our files are wood, not the ones that say disinfectable. I.also thought all buffers are single use only? The New York laws are a bit fuzzy and vague. Can anyone clarify? How do I respectfully bring up the idea that these need to be thrown away?
You are absolutely right, buffers, files (the emery board type) and orangewood cannot be disinfected or sterilized and then re-used In the NYS law booklet, they only address the emery boards, but I am certain that if you called, they would tell you that the orangewood sticks are treated the same way.
Here is the link to the booklet, the issue you are looking for is on page 10:
I do use an FDA registered sterilizer, however NY does not Officially recognize any sterilizing equipment for salons at this time, SO I still have to Wash, rinse, disinfect, rinse, dry then bag and sterilize to be considered compliant. I figure it's just an added measure of protection for everyone, so I don't mind at all.
Hope this helps a bit.